Centrism is Dead. Time to Rebuild the Left.
Tyler Norris

Yes, the center really isn’t the center anymore anyway because our country has been relentlessly pulled to the right ever since the Reagan years. So any modern centrists are really just moderate right wingers. The Democrats lost because they wouldn’t stand up for anything, as you say in this article, and wouldn’t commit the progressive principles voters were obviously clamoring for (see the rise of virtually unknown Sanders who almost defeated one of the most well know establishment candidates in history). We saw Obama attempt compromise with the other side and only got us obstructionism and watered down policies at best. One thing I will give Republicans credit for, when they are in power they waste no time in ramming through their agenda by any means necessary and make no attempts to compromise or apologize. I feel we need more of that tenacity on our side, not because we need to win but because we are on the side of humanity, saving the world from global climate disaster, and ending the corporate control of our democracy. The progressive left is on the right side of history and we need elected representatives that will fight like there is no tomorrow…because literally there may actually be no tomorrow if we continue to let these right wingers control our political process. The majority of American are not hardcore conservative republicans.

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