Digital Radio Broadcasting Using LimeSDR and ODR Tools— PART 1

  1. Compared to Internet Streaming radio it is free and it doesn’t require any internet connection to operate. So anywhere a person can listen to their favorite radio station free of charge withough worrying about internet data packages.
  2. It offers a lot more channels compared to FM Radio Stations since a group of channels are grouped into bands in digital radio. This also saves the frequency band as many countries with a lot of FM radio station; the whole FM spectrum becomes all populated. But with DAB radio, you could have much more radio stations in just one of the many DAB bands.
  3. It is easier to tune and not susceptible to interference or noise provided that there is a good coverage of the radio signals.
  4. Quality of the received signal is excellent compared to other Radio Stations.
  5. And the best of all, data in form of images or text can be transmitted and received using the DAB Radio signals.
  1. Compared to FM Radio, when the interference is too high and signal quality is low, then the Digital Sound is terminated since SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) become very poor; wheres in FM Radio you could still listen to some sound when the reception of the signals is not so good.
  2. Their receivers are actually expensive compared to FM Radio receivers. But this i am sure can be solved a lot faster since the technological evolution is very good to an extent that, manufacturing a Digital Radio is no longer too expensive. That is one of the reason i am able to create a cheap DAB transmitter and receiver using cheap tools as i will explain later.
  1. All FM Radio Stations
  2. Marine communications
  3. Aircraft to Aircraft communications
  4. Amateur Radio
  5. Television Broadcast (Both Digital and Analog) — In fact these dongles where actually made to receive TV, DAB and FM Radio stations.
  6. Mobile Communication signals (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G) — Remember, you can only receive them, not transmitting.
  7. Paging signals
  8. ACARS signals
  9. ADS-B signals
  10. Weather Satellite Images
  11. Maritime Communication Satellite Signals
  1. SDR# — SDR Sharp Software
  2. HDSDR
  3. V2 or 3
  4. Linrad
  5. GQRX
  6. SDRAngel
  7. And many more.
  1. HackRF
  2. BladeRF
  3. HackRF One
  4. USRP
  5. LimeSDR
  6. LimeSDR Mini
  7. UmTRX
  8. XTRX
  9. And much more awesome projects!
LimeSDR Board (Image from
  1. It is low cost (~$299 at
  2. It can receive and transmitting anything with frequency between 100 kHz — 3.8 GHz.
  3. It has 61.44 MHz Bandwidth
  4. It has 10 U.FL connectors (6 RX, 4 TX)
  5. Features 2×2 MIMO multiplexed output
  6. Powered through USB or a 12V external power supply
My LimeSDR In a Case

A Seasonal Writer

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Godfrey L

Godfrey L

A Seasonal Writer

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