Andela Boot Camp XV Daily Journal — Day 1

It is always lovely to be in a new ground to meeting new people and learn new things. Well, that is for me, I do not know if you feel the same way.

In my last post titled What I expect to learn in Andela Boot Camp XV, I told you a little about myself and my expectations. I remembered also promising to give you updates after the two weeks. Yeah, I am sorry I can’t wait to let you know how the atmosphere is right here in Andela on daily base. I would not forgive myself if I lose part of the excitement in my brain at the end of the training.

I will be dropping posts on daily base as events are giving birth. So, let us start right away with day 1. Less I forget to let you know, I am writing this post exactly 4: 00 AM Nigeria time. Guess what woke me up, keep thinking, but we will discuss it soon.

Pretty and wonderful faces, guys and girls trooping in to locate sitting position. I can see looks in some faces like “is he or she the facilitator” when anyone walks into the room. After a long silence in tension, the facilitators walked in with much excitement in their faces and they asked us to clap which we did without asking why. The first speaker made us to know that in Andela “we clap for no reason”. Hmm, are you pondering what I’m pondering. I think what he meant is that in Andela “we celebrate everyone”.

The facilitators introduced themselves and their roles in the boot camp, pardon me if I can’t remember all the names, but from the top of my head I can remember Bukky, Ikem, Chidi and Gbenga. Bukky and Ikem facilitates Ruby classes, Chidi facilitates Python class and Gbenga makes sure that everyone is comfortable and to ensure the success of the boot camp. In turn, all the boot campers introduced themselves and say little about things that interests them.

The classes were allocated and I was placed in a Ruby class. It was exciting for me as Ruby is totally a new programming language for me to learn and in line with my hobby “learning new things”.

We started by filling out the excel sheet, creating new accounts where I never knew existed such as medium and Trello, invitation to skill tree to track your progress and slack for conversion. Later in the day, we head to Codecademy to start learning Ruby and wrapped up with a food for thought “What are the best ways to share code”.

Day two loading in progress…