Is procrastination a good or bad angel?

Sometimes I wonder if there is any good in procrastination. I see procrastination as an angel of doom, a friend that gives you good reasons not to act but wait for tomorrow. I believed that procrastination is a bomb that can make a city desolate, it can make you miss focus and mile the future.

When I saw a recorded presentation of Andrew Kramer, he wasn’t against procrastination but he said: “know when to procrastinate”. This struck my heart and opened a door to another perspective to procrastination. if you know when to procrastinate, you can use it to your advantage.

This perspective is risky and a dangerous game that I will advise you don’t play. Will you be disciplined enough to scrutinise your reasons to procrastinate before procrastination? Not everyone is that smart. If common sense is truly common, the world will thrive without evil.

Is procrastination a good or bad angel? I think it is a tool for a lazy mind. What do you think?