Making the Case for Market Creating Innovations — a look at the Ford Model T.
Efosa Ojomo

True talk,great post and timely too for a growing economy like Nigeria. As a student of science I’d come to realized the huge benefits of MCIs; we use a lot of equipment, those ones that are from established manufacturers are expensive but there are others borne of “modified innovations” that are cheaper and affordable for students. Imagine the impact in the way of job creations! Students can, if they so desire, own such laboratory device.

I had also been greatly concerned of the energy situation in Nigeria and power problem as well as the inevitable diminishing impact on the economy:businesses suffer paralysis, loss of man-hours due to traffic jam and anything imaginable. Can there be some innovations that could help cushion the effect of overpopulation in the country’s commercial nerve centre? I join others to advocate MCIs in the transport sector of the Nigeria economy, get our rails in superb conditions; investors should relate with the non-consumption, adopt enabling technology in the rail transport and obviously contribute to improving the employment state. Medium scale businesses will also receive a boost.

I strongly agree with Mr Efosa”s highly incisive and intelligent posts, which had always got me thinking critically. I somewhat believe that going the way of sustaining and/or efficiency innovations is like winning a Pyrrhic victory; enterprise can as well take the marketing creating innovations way and the benefits will lead to infrastructural advancement and economic empowerment.