National Day of Mourning and Resistance:

“It’s so ironic that people are gearing up for thanksgiving, when native americans are being tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets and water hoses as we speak”.


My name is ________, as an american citizen in occupied native american land, I am deeply disturbed by the police actions at standing rock. Hundreds are receiving treatment for contamination by CS gas, hypothermia, and blunt traumas as a result of rubber bullets and other ammunition. Millions of (taxpayer) dollars are being spent on the violent erasure of native americans to protect the a corporation which will pollute and contribute to the destruction of this earth, at the financial benefit of very few. It is not in the interests of the american people to use a so called public service such as the police, as a private militia for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The national lawyers guild legal observers on the frontline have confirmed that multiple people were unconscious and bleeding after being shot in the head w rubber bullets. The DAPL which would cross indigenous territory, is a direct violation of the sovereign rights and culture of the standing rock sioux. I am demanding that you take a stand in saying that law enforcement must leave highway 1806. You cannot take away the 167 injuries that have already happened but you can prevent future and more dangerous ones. With national day of mourning coming up or “thanksgiving” this awareness and support of native americans is incredibly necessary.

Visit this google doc for more information on contacting officials about #nodapl