Breaking, at 8 a.m.

What’s the vaccination against waking up to 
reading 5 synonyms for guns, bombs
and limbs flying in the sky like kites
enameled with Times New Roman
in same headline? 
Tell me, biological alarm, 
How do you survive anxiety?

26 murdered.
4 raped.
86 stranded.
200 dead.
600 injured.
7 billion terrified.

We have reduced to numbers on a bulletin;
a statistical update on the next breaking news,
when what’s really breaking is our courage
What’s really dying is our fortitude
What’s really getting bombed is 
our ability to breathe an air 
devoid of the stench of despair
What’s really stranded is our sense of self.

Every morning,
We lie in bed 
in comatose resignation
teaching the collective karma of the world
lessons in letting go.

There are things worth living for
Things worth bothering 6 muscles
Things worth getting out of bed. 

But how do we carry the weight 
of a dying world 
on collapsible shoulders
before our morning coffee? 
How do we employ the 10 seconds of despondency 
before our mobiles start blinking red
with reminders to live?

How do we sit up straight on our beds?

(And now, for the weather.)

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