After 19 long years of working in the corporate industry, this guy was exhausted and tired. Every day he tried to find a reason to go back to work, but there was none. It seemed as if his life had become a default, meaning there was nothing new or interesting it was the same old meetings, corporate politics and worse the bureaucracy. Once he came up with a gamification idea to improve customer service and sales. He was so passionate about this idea that he shared it with his superiors, who didn’t dismiss it, but said nice idea Why don’t you make a PPT and present it in the business meeting. Are you serious the next business meeting that takes places after 3 months. The lack of urgency drove him mad, he decided to take a few days off to refresh his mind. On one of those relaxing days, he was watching a video with his nephew on youtube. His nephew was that typical teen who loved gadgets, parties and everything that is associated with it :). Suddenly they noticed foot soldiers in the form of ads popping up from the video. Unable to take it anymore his nephew got up and said what the f&%^$ are these ads, they are so bloody annoying. This got him thinking are all millennials like this, do they not like ads?. Curious and wanting to learn more, he started visiting colleges and asking people what kind of ads they liked and how they would like brands to engage with them. The answers were straight forward and simple, We like brands to collaborate with us, ads should talk our language (music, fun, sports, thrills, adventure and emotional) and most importantly we would like to be treated liked adults. Yes, millennials at the end of the day need to be treated like adults as they are far more mature, creative and are welcoming if you believe in having the right conversations with them. He wondered for many days why is that nobody is paying any attention to them and sensed a gap in the market that needed to be addressed through a platform that is fun, interactive, gamified and rewarding for a user and a brand. He quit his day job by taking a few calculated risks and started a company called GoKrazee Innovations Pvt Ltd. A platform that curates fun selfie & video challenges for users and rewards them with exciting brand offers, free goodies and in-app mobile recharge. The journey has just begun and this 19-year-old corporate veteran is now free, in a good space and driven towards his goal to create the coolest youth wallet.

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