We need help building Next Generation Publishing Products in Schibsted

Our Vision

  • Externalize user engagement and become content providers for third party platforms; third party platforms that dictate the editorial and business rules without claiming editorial and financial accountability for independent journalism, or
  • Pick a fight for user engagement and reinvent your core digital products as truly personal experiences working seamlessly across any device — products that are optimized for individual user needs while preserving society needs for independent journalism
We need you to define the products, but we do know they need to far more personal than ever before.
  • an editor that optimize her algorithms to close the gap between what people know and should (not just want to) know
  • an editor that helps people to understand complex issues and the contemporary by moving into personalized storytelling
  • an editor that guides users in a world of information overload, curating content from any source and showing what’s relevant for the user
  • an editor that users can trust will give them a balanced view of the world to avoid echo chambers, while fostering dialogue and discussions
  • an editor that knows how to surprise and entertain users, not purely challenges and enlighten users
  • an editor that allows advertising to have the same great user experience as journalism, and makes sure the user experience works seamlessly across any device (starting with mobile)

The Setup and Our Ambition

  • VG Next — your personal editor: We have strong brands VG, Aftonbladet, Aftenposten and more operating as primary news destinations in their markets. Their digital products were defined in the desktop era with a one-size-fits-all (not-personalized) model. We wish to challenge this with a personal by design experience in VG Next.
  • Omni Next — your perfectly curated news and one stop shop niche experience: We have Omni, a leading curation based service for news junkies in Sweden. In addition to this, we have vertical / niche news players like E24 focusing on business news. We wish to create a vibrant ecosystem between next gen niche sites and primary destinations also in the future, but this needs rethinking and we have started with Omni as our baseline for such thinking.
  • Sports Next — a unique and personal live sports service for everyone: Structured data is a great starting point for a more personal experience. Live score data is such an area — and it’s an area in filled with passion and user engagement. Through our Sports Next team we are in the process of reinventing (and scaling out) VG Live as a personal and seamless experience that tells the story of each event at a glance.

Product Vacancies (Oslo / Stockholm)

Software Engineering Vacancies (Oslo / Stockholm)

  • Android Software Engineers — apply
  • iOS Software Engineers — apply
  • Front-end & Back-end Software Engineers — apply

UX Vacancies (Oslo / Stockholm)




Chief Product Officer @ Oda

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Espen Sundve

Espen Sundve

Chief Product Officer @ Oda

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