Generative Testing in JavaScript
A. Sharif

Hi A. Sharif, thanks for a great read.

I actually wanted to reach out to you in a less public manner. But could not find a private channel to contact you through.

I was planing on showing how you could implement your examples using, so I created a test suite for it: But my example does not agree, that the last refactoring solves the problem. It still finds the counterexample handlePayment(-2, -1). I could of cause be mistaken, but I got a very talented friend of mine to review the example and he agrees that it looks like there is a problem in the example.

If that is correct, I think this shows something interesting about property based testing. The more iterations you run, the more sure you can be about correctness of the implementation — and 100 iterations is probably never enough. In addition I also think this shows that it is preferable to use a seeded random, so tests fails consistently.

Don’t take this comment the wrong way, I really enjoyed reading your post and I’m very happy people are spreading the knowledge about this powerful testing paradigm.

Kind regards

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