How medium and freecodecamp changed my perspective about web development

I’m part of software development field since the inception of my career (which is comparatively short by the way). Soon after finishing college I got introduced to the world of web development in my first job (and only). It took me almost 6 months to realize that the technology stack that I’m working on is almost ancient and there are many big players in the market which I’m unaware of. From that point, I started paying attention to latest trends in web technologies but concentrated on back-end as I firmly believed that 90% of the logic lies in back-end code and UI is just a way to show things to the user (I had no idea about the importance/advantages of SPA at that time).

Later that year , as part of the product revamping/restructuring our technology stack changed and new terms SPA, REST, KnockoutJs, RequireJs etc were pushed into our minds. After the required and much needed research and googling I came to know that these things are not new and are part of the web since a long time back and some of them are now old. I started feeling outdated myself and kick started my front-end research in full swing. I still don’t know what triggered it, soon I started reading articles with java script framework comparison and it led me straight to Angular 2 versus React: There Will Be Blood published in freecodecamp medium page.

From that moment I didn't have to search any more, medium was an eye opener to me. All those things I craved for became readily available to me. I became a medium addict in no time. Articles from freecodecamp as well as from other publications and people helped me learn a lot of things and boosted my self confidence as I became more and more aware of what happening in web development.

I couldn’t help start doing freecodecamp challenges after that and it is slowly making me the web developer that I always wanted to become. I’m nearing the completion of front end challenges in freecodecamp and hoping to claim my Front End Development Certificate soon. The journey so far was awesome and made me realize that front-end development is as fun as back-end development but need more focus as there is a greater chance of getting yourself outdated as technologies here changes in matter of months if not in weeks. Now, with a breath of fresh air, I could say that I’m not ignorant anymore and promised my self that I never will be. I’m thankful to medium and especially freecodecamp for making me who I am now. Cheers!!!