Breaking down the BBC’s visit to Hotan, Xinjiang

Sun Feiyang
Jul 8 · 11 min read
I feel bad for the guy in the middle, they really tried to make him look brainwashed or creepy
what the sky actually looks like
check out how dark the sky can get when the BBC’s video editors work their magic
look at the scary camera outside the window!
“ 是您自己选择来的吗? 啊,就是“ “Did you choose to come here yourself? Yes, exactly”
Note the Uyghur script on the wall (some articles have also claimed that Uyghur script is banned in Xinjiang)
There are a few spelling errors on this page actually, demonstrating the need for good Mandarin language learning resources in Xinjiang
Mahemuti responding to the question “what happens if they don’t want to come?”
check out how creepy this place is when you turn off the lights
buildings and a sports field, oh no
you’d never see barbed wire around a school in the US of A
Another massive Xinjiang facility captured by Google Earth (Just kidding, this is El Paso’s exurbs)
“hmm, this Uyghur language singing is clearly nefarious and coerced”
“Should we wait for them to commit the crime, or should we prevent it from happening?”
We don’t call the Press Secretary in the US part of the “Propaganda Department”, but the same function in Chinese govt. always gets translated as “propaganda”
I bet Sudsworth can’t learn how to properly make a bed in four months
the BBC thought they were very clever using this image of a hair salon dryer with their “brainwashing” question
waiting for the bus (hey look they aren’t in uniform)
the Chinese sign says 学生接送车/Student Pickup-Dropoff Bus
it’s the weekend!

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