Find Synthetic Food Colors in Delhi India

Sun Food Tech exports variety of synthetic food colors used in food & pharma sectors.

The range of products offered by Sun Food Tech a manufacturer of food colours in India includes various kinds of food colours, including synthetic, natural and lake colours, which are widely used in such sectors as food preparation and processing, drugs and medicines, ice cream, confectionery, etc. Sun Food Tech, which specialises in the manufacturing of erythrosine, has plants in different cities, including Bhiwadi (Rajasthan); Bahadurgarh (Haryana) and Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh).

Nowadays our food processing industry use numerous types of food colors, Natural food colors, Synthetic food colors, Food Dyes and Lake Food Colors, Blended food colors. Not only food stuff but pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, inks, plastic food containers etc. are also colored with these artificial colors. Natural Food Colors generally used for cosmetics, bakery products, medical stepsils. So when you are having those colourful vitamin pills or using that lipstick, you are consuming these artificial food colors. It’s not that only synthetic food colors are used in processed foods and other materials, there are many organic lake colors too that are widely used for coloring food, thanks to the awareness about organic living! These organic lake pigments are obtained from natural sources. Some of the examples of such organic lake food colors, synthetic food colors, blended food additives include caramel, turmeric, beet and berry juice, paprika, saffron etc.