Historical Stone Renewal Company in Chicago, IL

Specializing in the polishing, wet grinding — which creates no dust-cleaning, honing and sealing of natural stone surfaces in the Chicagoland area, Sungloss has been in business since 1990. A member of the Marble Institute of America, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the Better Business Bureau, among others, Sungloss is committed to the professional servicing of stone surfaces such as walls, countertops, floors and facades for commercial, residential and post-construction customers. We highly value our customers’ opinions. In order to learn what they think, we send a questionnaire to each one after we have completed our work. The feedback we receive is greatly appreciated and helps us continue to improve and strengthen our company.

Of those responding to our survey, more than 98% have rated our service as excellent and our pricing as very reasonable. Our representatives have been described as prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. Not least, our estimates were rated as accurate and were submitted in what was regarded as a timely fashion. We used Sungloss for a commercial lobby project in Milwaukee after the local stone refinisher was not able to adequately restore the finish of the 50 year old travertine slabs. Upon a recommendation from Stone Source, I contacted Mike P. from Sungloss Marble Co. who sent a small crew to do a test area for us and the difference between the Milwaukee crew and Sungloss’s work was night and day. Sungloss not only restored and brightened the original travertine, but were quick and careful with their job. We were very pleased with the difference that Sungloss made in giving the old stone new life.

Some marble and granite installations require complex restoration and maintenance techniques. An example is this ‘agglomerate’ style patchwork floor Sungloss maintains for a downtown Chicago client. Sungloss President Mike Pavilon, Consultant Stan Dembouski, and Interior Designer Samantha Brossell observe refinishing techniques employed by Refinishing Specialist Patricio Gabler on a blue granite bar top in downtown Chicago. Refinishing Specialists Aboud David and Fred Homa are putting the finishing touches on a commercial lobby polish and restoration job. Account Representative John Leonard inspects this Chicago condominium granite lobby floor while Refinishing Specialist historical stone renewal chicago Rodney Brown cleans and seals the reception desktop. Household cleaners and sprays have damaged this black marble shower. Marble should be cleaned with a neutral (non-ionic) stone soap, preferably a ‘rinseless’ variety, with clean cotton rags or white nylon cleaning pads.

A stunning combination of white marble and black granite make this floor a beauty to behold and somewhat of a challenge to maintain. Different procedures are needed for granite and marble refinishing. This limestone floor was improperly sealed by the installer causing ugly streaks. Sungloss subsequently stripped the sealer, deep cleaned the floor and then resealed it properly. This Mexican terra cotta floor was restored by deep cleaning first and then applying a top coat seal to bring back the shine of the worn-off glaze. Our President and owner returned from an excursion to Havana, La Terrazza and Trinidad, Cuba recently among other fascinating spots in this beautiful but complicated country of friendly peoples. We actually beat the POTUS and Mick Jagger to Cuba! The POTUS arrived yesterday, 3–20–16 -and Mick soon. You are invited to dinner at a neighbors house. Upon entering the residence, you are shown downstairs where the other guests have gathered. They all are sitting at a beautiful black marble bar area.