1Password’s Delightful Update Message

One of the most useful apps that I cannot live out is 1Password. It keeps all of your passwords secure, and also easy to access any time on any device. Safari always does a pretty good job in remembering all of my passwords, but 1Password gives me extra relief, since I can also save credit cards and other secure notes in it. If you are not using it yet, just stop reading this and go download it. Of course not, I am not affiliated with this app or its maker at all.

I logged into my home computer, and saw a notification that there was an update for 1Password. I clicked OK and followed the process, and saw this message.

The Mini Delights Edition
Sometimes it’s the small things that give us the most joy: hearing our kids laugh, brewing the perfect pot of coffee or tea, lining our books up perfectly on their shelves. And sometimes, those small things combine into something truly delightful. That’s what 1Password 6.1 is all about: little things that come together to make one great update.
1Password’s update message

It’s so true.. sometimes all we need are those small things. This is especially refreshing to me since I just finished reading How Will You Measure Your Life by Clay Christensen. He goes in detail on how those ‘small things’ matter in your life, and how you should prioritize what matters more to your life.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a quick note so that I don’t forget about this!

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