Apple Music Playlist Details, and More

We are pleased to announce a few new exciting features (again!). We have a lot to cover, so please fasten your seat belt. ;)

1. Apple Music Playlist Search

You can search for apple music playlists right from the top search bar. Try searching for the “A-List” playlists curated by Apple.

2. Apple Music Playlist Detail

We added profile pages for all the Apple Music playlists we have. Check out which songs there are, and when those were updated. Best of the week is where I find the latest trending music (such ‘No Promises’ by Cheat Codes).

3. iTunes Ranking

We are now showing iTunes rankings on the artist profile page as well as the track page. See where your artists are trending. We will soon deliver this information by email as well.

4. Refresh Button

You will notice that playlist pages and curator pages now have a green button called ‘REFRESH’ at the top right. Click it, and the magic happens. We dynamically fetch all the details when you click the button. Most of the playlist data is refreshed once a day, but you are not sure if you got the latest data? Click to get them.

5. NetEase Cloud Music Playlists

Many people never heard this name, but NetEase Cloud Music is one of the most popular music streaming services in China, enjoying 31.30 million visits per month, according to SimilarWeb.

Here’s John Mayer’s. Many names are in Chinese, and we can translate them someday for you using Google’s translation library. The beautify of this list is that it shows ‘the number of plays’ for each playlist.

6. Limit on Free & Standard plans

We got more people using the service then ever. This means higher server load, and a need to limit the usage a little bit for Free plan tier. Effective as of April 4th, we limit the number of artists/playlists/curators following to five(5) for Free Plan users, and twenty(20) for Standard Plan. Premium Plan members continue to have unlimited following. I already emailed all the users who are affected by this change.

Thank you to those who began to support us to continue to do this, and those who will support us in the near future!

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