Wisdom from Clay Christensen and Marc Andreessen

I really enjoyed the fireside chat between Clay Christensen and Marc Andreessen at Startup Grind conference today. Full of business insights and life wisdom. You can watch it from this link.

My favorite quote from Andreessen:

What’s up with $50 billion put into the unicorn startups in the Valley? Think about this first; $1 trillion is to be spent this year by big, legacy companies investing in less innovative ideas. Before talking about $50 billion, let’s think about what we should do we the the remaining $950 billion. Also this; $6 trillion is spent on bonds that are yielding negative returns. We are ‘paying’ to own them… Silicon Valley is for those who are aggressive and optimistic.

And, from Christensen:

Clay: When my students left Harvard Business School, no one planned a strategy to get divorced, hated by kids, or go to jail. However, we tend to execute wrong strategies because of the way we expect immediate returns, or by the way we get compensated and promoted. I try to stick 100% to my principals, so that I don’t allow all of those ‘extenuating circumstances’ of allowing my life to be disrupted. (probabaly a quote from his book, How Will You Measure Your Life)

Always good to be inspired. :)