When you get fired, start jogging in the morning

Recipe of success
 Interview with Alex Kurashenko

Alex Kurashenko — is a writer, a successful entrepreneur who is well travelled and an expert in webinar technology. He visited as many as 54 countries and gained a whole bunch of money in a half year. What was his secret to his huge success?

Alex revealed his secrets in his exciting interview.

What is the key factor for you in your job: money or a chance to do what you want?

First of all, the main point is to turn ideas into the things that people use. If you are working with this goal in mind, then you will have a lot of money. As a rule, clients pay for a result with much pleasure.

I prefer to work with those who have money but have no time. I show them a way to get quick results and still achieve a joyful life! For example, every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight!

Then you can get up early and build a systematic business that would feed you. At the same time, you can travel and spend each and every moment of your life visiting different places on Earth.

You have visited almost all places in the world. Is there a place that you’ve never been up to now? Is there a place that you want to be back?

I don’t have a goal to reach every place on earth though I have strong desire to visit Patagonia. It is a place just near the South Pole. My friends recently came back from Patagonia and they had stunning pictures that depicted the beauty of Patagonia! I dream to travel to Galapagos islands.

It has been said that there is a huge variety of animals. Moreover, the Galapagos islands boasts of the coolest diving ever!

I would like to revisit Peru, the Amazon jungles and Bali. There are beautiful views in Bali and amazing kitesurfing experience that you’ve never tried. I would also like to revisit the Philippines, dive with huge sharks and run a small plane above a vent of volcano.

What would you like to learn yourself? What professional and personal goals would you like to achieve?

I would like to spend some part of my life among actors and musicians. This would greatly improve my communication skills. Maybe I would play a role in a movie! I would also love to record a musical album and give it to people for free. Run startup in Silicon Valley.

Today the world has changed. The key to people’s hearts and money lies in art. Recently, I played roles in two short movies. I enjoyed acting and I even got paid for it!

What will you advise to a person that couldn’t find a job for just several months? How he can get over it and go on ?

Firstly, start jogging in the morning. Secondly, stop looking for a job using old approaches and try to get a new profession. For example, try to write a book, become a coach, create cool products. You can start sell goods on amazon, be an youtube star or instagram celebrity. Start your own life.

Run forest. Run.

Take great care of yourself and mind your own discipline. People around you are completely lazy, so try to behave in another way! A famous English entrepreneur Richard Brenson once told: Screw it, let’s do it!

Originally published at sungrad.com on December 3, 2016.