How to prepare henna powder for hair

Natural Henna has been employed as a cosmetic dye for application on hair, skin and nails since many centuries. Henna powder is made from natural leaves, which is naturally grinded to powder that makes a smooth and strong concrete and is deep in color.

It is a marvelous product for the hair, since it provides natural strength. Thus natural Henna is very good for hair, which has a range of colors from black to red by the dyeing of hair. So it is a very good natural hair conductor. There are 5 points how to prepare henna powder at home

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1. Buy pure, natural henna.

You will need about 50–100g for short hair, 100g for medium hair, and 200g for long hair. Don’t worry about being precise; it’s a pretty forgiving process. When buying henna, there are a few things to keep in mind. • Some henna comes already mixed with additives. If you have purchased a henna that describes a particular color, you may not want to experiment with adding to the mix unless you are an experienced user. The additions described here are intended to be added to pure powder. • Henna out of the box should be green to brown, and smell like dried plants or grass clippings. Do not buy any henna that is purple or black, or that has a chemical smell. • If you have severe allergies or sensitive skin, do a patch test before using. Apply a small bit of the henna mixture to your skin, wait a couple hours, and watch to see how your skin reacts.

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2. Know what you’re getting into.

This is not a definite science. There square measure a large variety of variables, and you’ll not get specifically what you wished the primary time around. Results can vary, and your hair could dye erratically. If you’re a compulsive concerning your hair, this method is perhaps not for you • Pure henna will solely accomplish reminder red. If a product referred to as “henna” purports to dye your hair black, it contains indigo. Some henna mixes will offer you a blonde color, however it’ll continually be a ruby-red blonde. • Rather than obscuring your natural hair color, henna blends with it. this can be necessary to recollect once admixture a color. Aim for a color you wish to mix together with your natural one, not the color you wish to attain. confine mind that flash colored hair can in all probability got to be colored multiple times to become dark. • Because gray hair is semitransparent, it creates a cleaner canvas for henna. this implies the blending result that happens with non-grey hair won’t occur, and your color are a lot of nearer to the color created by the dye. It conjointly suggests that it’s easier to dye your hair erratically, as hair with a lot of dye thereon can become perceptibly darker.

3. Gather your supplies

There is a huge array of ingredients you’ll mix with pure henna powder to make completely different effects. The list is longer than may be contained in one article, however here square measure many to contemplate. • For a bright strawberry blonde, use juice, vinegar, or vino. • For associate degree intense red, use brandy. • For a less intense, browner red, use occasional or tea. • If you dislike the smell of henna, you’ll add sensible smelling things like essential oils, rosewater, or cloves. • You don’t have to be compelled to add something to vary the color of pure henna. Water can work fine furthermore, though you ought to add a splash of lemon, orange, or fruit juice to oxidize the dye. If this is often your initial time victimisation henna, you will need to visualize however it combines together with your hair on its own, so within the future you’ll decide what, if something, you would like to feature.

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4. Mix the henna.

This is a fairly simple method. Pour the powder into a bowl. step by step incorporate liquid, and stir. • Use a ceramic, plastic, glass, or stainless-steel bowl. • There is not any thanks to tell exactly what quantity of liquid you may want. Add it a bit bit at a time, stirring till the mixture is that the gloopy consistency of dairy product • This are a mussy mixture, and it’ll stain any surface it gets on. it should be an honest plan to wear gloves, and you must forthwith wipe the mixture off of something you mistakenly smear it on

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5. Let the mixture sit.

Cover it with wrap and wait a minimum of some hours, or long for best results. you may apprehend it’s prepared once the henna darkens from inexperienced to dark brown. this suggests the dye has change and is prepared to be used.

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