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When it comes to search for radio station name ideas, then one of the first things that come into mind is “radio station name generator”. However, like most of the automated domain name generator tools out there, the names provided by such radio station names generator websites are also “TRASH” because they lack the appeal and uniqueness. For any business or startup, one of the most significant step is to come up with a “good name” as it is essential for brand building. Companies which do not pay attention while choosing a name usually go for rebrand later which creates economic stress.

Most companies which are aware of the significance of a good name even hire name consultants. It is not a coincidence that most big brands choose short names because of the multi-dimensional benefits associated with it. Names like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Apple have been adopted due to the ease with which they can be typed in a browser and can serve as a brand name.

How to Come up With Creative Radio Station Names?

To get a unique and catchy radio station name, you can search the radio station related domains which are up for sale. Most of the short and good names have already been taken and hence if you search for any short name, then 99% of the time, you will find that the name is already been taken.

One cool and creative radio station name currently available for purchase is The term “UnFM” can be branded in multiple ways some examples of which are given below:

1) UNiversal FM

2) UNity FM

3) UNique FM

4) UNcut FM

5) UNcover FM

6) UNrated FM

7) UNlock FM

Other advantages associated with the domain name

1. This name “UnFM” has a high sale & resale value as it is short, rare, brandable and self-descriptive.

2. With 99.9% of short domain names already exhausted, UnFM is one of the rare domain names available.

3. The domain name is easy to remember and hence has a “catchy” and “creative” appeal.

4. Due to it being a short name, it has an intrinsic brand value.

5. The name is 18 years old (first registered in the year 1999) and is therefore useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits.

6. Both the component terms “UN” and “FM” can stand as an abbreviation for multiple terms.

Things to consider before naming your radio station

Before selecting any radio station name, check whether it fulfills the following criteria

1. Is the name brandable?

If you have shortlisted some names for your radio station, then ask your friends/relatives about the name brandability. Check whether the name resonates with the trend of big brand names or is it just vague? If the domain name for your radio station contains numbers, hyphens or unrelated words like “Portfolio Radio”, “Esteem Radio”, then ignore such names. Further, if the name is lengthy like “”, then it is better to drop such name.

2) Can anyone pronounce it easily?

Even though most people looking for more information about a site will type the name in their browser, but it as a scientific fact that the cognitive functions of a human mind are directly associated with the pronounceability of words. This simply means that names which are hard to pronounce will have weak brandable appeal.

3) Is the name short?

The fluency with which human mind processes words is dependent on the length of the word. The shorter a domain, the easier people can say, type and remember with accuracy. Further short domains have the following benefits

a. People remember such names easily.

b. They have a default brand value.

c. It is easy to type such names in a browser due to which the chances of redirecting to another website (because of spelling errors) is minimized.

d. They possess a high economic value as there is a scarcity of short names.

4) Is the name Intuitive?

Check whether people can get an idea about the business or service by listening to the name itself. For example: can cater to a multitude of categories from health, spirituality, counseling etc and hence it’s too generic.

5) Does it conflict with any trademarked name?

This is really important because, with the growth in competition, many companies are trying to protect any possible trademark violation. Trademark issues can be a real pain because an entire brand has been built around that name and then the name itself becomes disputed.

6) Is it available?

One can sort or choose many names, but when you go to register that name, you find that it has already been registered by someone else. If you have decided a name for your radio station, don’t delay in registering it because every day millions of domain names are registered and your desired name may get booked if you delay.

7) Is the .com version available?

When we talk about domain names, then one must always go for the .com extension as they have unconsciously become the de-facto extension in the minds of internet users. Though there are many fancy extensions like .xyz, .news, .co, .net, .io, but choosing such extensions can lead to loss of potential traffic to your website because it has become the habit of internet users to append .com to the name of a website while typing the name in their browser. Most companies which initially ignore this fact have to later chase the .com version of the name which is not successful every time.

What’s there in a name?

For any brand in the 21st century, taking care of even the subtle aspects is the key to success. A catchy name provides the first impression of your brand and hence it is vital for branding because people connect with names. This is also the reason why a subsequent portion of the budget of many companies is allotted to marketing as it has psychological effects on human choice.

The worth of short domain names

The number of characters in a domain name also determine its price. With short .com domains being depleted from the market, some of them are still available through current owners for premium prices. In order to get an understanding of the trend of short domains, you can see the list below: sold for $500,000 (November 2018) sold for $150,000 (October 2018) sold for $310,000 (August 2018) sold for $102,000 (June 2018) sold for $2,100,000 (October 2016) sold for $132,000 (2015)

You must keep the above points in mind if you are looking for creative radio station name ideas.