Top Marijuana/Cannabis Domain Names for Business Brands and Companies

sunil rai
sunil rai
Sep 17, 2019 · 5 min read
Marijuana/Cannabis Domain Names

With the growing legalization of Cannabis, Cannabis stores, shops and companies are increasing in number. However, good Marijuana/Cannabis domain names are scarce due to which it is becoming difficult to choose a good name for a Cannabis LLC, INC or store. Companies which do not pay attention to select a proper domain name initially understand it later when they feel the difficulties in branding and marketing their business. Some companies even opt to rebrand at a later stage which causes an economic and operational burden.

For any Cannabis business or startup, one of the primary tasks is to come up with a creative and catchy marijuana/cannabis brand name. Most of the big brands choose short names (less than 10 letters) as it has multi-dimensional benefits in branding and marketing. Top companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Mozilla, NetFlix, BabyGear, Expedia have opted for short names (less than 10 letters) as it becomes easy to type a short name in the browser and short names have a high recall value and brand factor.

How to Come up With Good Cannabis Brand/Business Names?

If you check domain name registrars for your CBD/Marijuana company name, then 99% of the time, you will find that your desired name is already taken by another company/entity. To get a cool, clever and brandable cannabis name, it is much better to search for sites which have an active and sorted list of cannabis/weed domain names for sale.

Marijuana/Cannabis Domains for Sale

Some of the top brandable cannabis/marijuana domains are listed for sale below:

Things You Must Consider Before Naming Your Cannabis or Marijuana Business

If you are selecting names for your upcoming cannabis/CBD/hemp brand, then you must look whether the name fits the criteria listed below:

1. Is the name brandable?

If you have selected a name for your CBD/cannabis company, then you must first pay attention to the brand appeal of the given name. Does your selected brand name match well with the industry and the demography of people who will be your customers? If your potential customers will be mainly in the young age group, then having a creative yet professional name is more relevant. If your potential customers are mainly in the old age group, then having real-life, formal and self-descriptive words in your brand name is more suited. Further, your weed/CBD domain name must not contain hyphens or unrelated words like “video weed”, “trunk CBD”, “cannabis mineral” etc. because such combinations sound unprofessional and vague.

2. Is your hemp/CBD brand name short?

Human mind processes simple-sounding names and words better and therefore length is a crucial factor while naming a brand. Longer domain names are usually linked with small, niche affiliate sites. Short domain names have the following benefits:

a. It is easier for people to remember short domain names.

b. Short domain names are easier to type in a browser and the chances of typing mistakes in short names are less.

c. Short names have an intrinsic brand value because most big brands opt for short brand names.

d. The economic value of short domain names is high due to scarcity of short names.

3. Is your brand name intuitive?

When people see or hear your brand name, will they be able to get an idea of the type of business or service? For example: is a generic and random combination and does not convey a clear picture of the type of product/service associated with the name whereas conveys the idea that the domain name is linked to writing service.

4. Can people easily pronounce your domain name?

Even though most people visiting your CBD/marijuana business website will find it online via search engines, ads or any other means, the pronounceability of your brand name will be a crucial factor in positioning your brand appeal. Hard to pronounce names have a weak and unattractive appeal as our cognitive functions are influenced by words and patterns.

5. Is your brand name available in .com?

Whenever it comes to select the domain name extension, then having a .com domain name is very crucial because people have become used to type .com at the end of any company name. Today, there are plenty of domain name extensions like .report, .xyz, .io, .co, .one, but if you decide to choose a non .com domain name then it can lead to loss of visitors and revenue because many people have the habit to append .com at the end of a website name. There are many such examples where companies had opted to acquire the .com version of their name to stop traffic and revenue loss. However, the chances of getting the .com version of your website at a later stage are difficult because the current owner of the name may not be willing to sell it. Therefore, it is recommended to start your website name with a .com extension to prevent any hassles in the future.

6. Is your name available to register?

You may think over several names and ideas for your cannabis company/brand, but when you decide to register the name, you may find that the name has already been sold and is no longer available. Once you find a good domain name, make sure to buy it soon because thousands of domain names are registered and sold every single day and delay in buying a name will cause unnecessary wastage of time and money again.

7. Is your name infringing any trademark?

Though the trademark-related issue is one of the least cared elements when people buy domain names, it can cause legal problems in the future. Many big companies are securing their brand names and if your brand name infringes any trademarked name, then an entire set of new problems will emerge for your company/brand.

Why domain names gain so much importance?

Marketing in the 21st century is no longer dependent on traditional offline methods. Nowadays brands and companies pay attention even to the most subtle aspects of a company because small things if ignored can have a big negative impact in the future. A catchy and creative marijuana brand name will be the first impression builder of your company/business and hence proper attention must be paid to it. The choice of colors, words and patterns have a different level of impact on our choices and decision making, therefore, having a good marijuana domain name is essential for your brand.

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