Sean Spicer Claims 1.5 Million Animals Gathered at Scar’s Pride Rock Coronation

PRIDE ROCK — Pride Kingdom’s new press secretary, Sean Spicer, announced on Tuesday that there were over 1.5 million animals in attendance for the coronation of Scar. “This was the largest audience to have ever witnessed a lion coronation. Period. Both in person and around the globe,” said Spicer to the press this morning.

Spicer has claimed that Scar’s inauguration’s audience is more than double that of Mufasa’s in 2012. After numerous requests for a recount by angered animals throughout the Pride Rock kingdom, the Pride Rock staff have been under the spotlight yet again.

Ex-king Mufasa’s royal advisor, Rafiki, said in response,“This is a blatant lie from an administration that has completely disregarded the communities from which we come from.” King Scar, who was recently endorsed by U.S president Donald Trump, stated, “Don’t listen to the liberal media, This administration would never lie to the citizens of our savannah.”

After several protests around the savannah, the left-wing majordomo of the previous administration, Zazu, exclaimed: “We must stand for our beliefs and fly higher than ever before to send a message.” With signs that read ‘Not my King’ seen throughout the crowds gathered this past week, Spicer’s release has only caused more distrust and speculation in the counting process.

In a time where it is difficult to gauge how many gazelles, elephants, and giraffes attended the event compared to those that viewed it on streaming and mobile platforms, a lot of variables come into play. “I just watched it on my Google Pixel,” said a hyena witness. While there may be no way of knowing the true figure of attendance, it is safe to say that Spicer and the administration have a lot of explaining to do.