Surtis taking pledge this Ganesh Visarjan to keep River Tapi Swachha

Surtis are very proud, possessive, yet very caring for the river Tapi. Surya-putri Tapi, is said to be the daughter of Sun, the source of energy to the earth. This river meets the sea, at Surat. The prosperity of Surat is also said be, because of river Tapi. This river, as any other river of India, is also

the medium to leave all man made clutters and garbage since ages that has polluted the river very badly. The Ganesh Idols, after Ganesh Visarjan adds the already polluted Tapi, more and more dangerous elements, those are used in making of Ganesha Idols.

All put together only make situation even worse. Every year the local government, Surat Municipal Corporation and many other NGOs spends cores of rupees to create awareness to not add killer elements in making of Ganesha Idols, but not much success is gained. This year of 2017, some

focused actions by some caring group of entities, were seen; who came together to create an awareness. This time, the initiative was taken by two

brothers Vaishal Kapadia and Naitam Kapadia, the promoters of Swachha

Detergent Powder, to make Surat citizens take a pledge to keep River Tapi clean by not throwing anything in the river, in front of Ganeshji, in their respective societies. To which Milan Shah from Jainam Share,

Abhishek Jain from Luxurito Living, Mandeep Sandhu from A-One Fire Safety, Harshit Shah from Coolline Agency, with the help of D’Voka Events team, supported in all ways to take the thought at Grass Root level where more than 5000 people took pledge to put all effort to keep River Tapi clean by spreading the word to all they know.

Some glimpse of the campaign in photos is here.

The volunteers team spoke to each pledge taker, from all ages to make it deep routed, so as to make people think twice, before throwing anything into the river. The whole event was conceptualized by two aspiring lady consultants Vaishnavi Patel from Express-Ion and Reema Das of Willlogical with the help of “City Takda” the most popular Social online magazine from Surat.

Though the things are not going to change overnight but not doing anything because nothing will change, is far beyond these change agents. Today 5000 people took pledge tomorrow each Surti will prevent himself from spoiling their own river.

The credit of this awareness event goes to each pledge taker who overwhelmed the efforts of all who are concerned for the city and river. Let’s spread the word of keeping Tapi Swachha to one and all by sharing this article.

Ganpati Bappa Morya….Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa…
Means Hail Ganeshji…Please come early Next year…

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