Foot and ankle arthritis — Treat with best and permanent solution at Dr. Roy Joint Clinic

Arthritis is a very common problem that occurs in people these days. It is basically the inflammation of joints that causes redness, swelling, tenderness and pain in the affected joints. The most common form of arthritis that develops among people is osteoarthritis that is due to wear & tear of joints. It greatly affects the various bones & joints present in your foot & ankle, thereby, affecting its mobility. You should watch for certain symptoms in your foot & ankle that occur due to osteoarthritis. In case, you experience any symptoms like stiffness, swelling, pain or immobility in your affected area, then you must immediately contact the best orthopaedic surgeon for Foot and ankle Treatment Delhi.

On the visibility of the symptoms, your doctor will first conduct some tests like MRI or CT scan. He will also check the X-ray of the affected area. Then he will ask the patient about his medical history and also will conduct physical exam on the patient. In case, it is diagnosed that foot and ankle of the patient are affected due to osteoarthritis, then the doctor will check how much damage is caused to the joint. Depending on this, Foot and ankle Treatment will include either non-surgical approach or surgical approach.

For non-surgical methods, your doctor will prescribe various options to get relief from pain like steroid injections, pain killers, antibiotics, exercise, physiotherapy, braces for foot, customised shoes etc. If the non-surgical Foot and ankle Treatment doesn’t give the patient any relief, then surgery is considered. Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy will perform best joint replacement surgery or fusion surgery as form of Foot and ankle Treatment Delhi. He has high success rate in performing these procedures.