You have been opted out of telemetry, what?

You are encountering this issue as Apache Cordova in their latest release added Telemetry to collect data for data driven development for some analytics.


  • A timed prompt asking the user to opt-in or out is displayed the
     first time cordova is run. It lasts for 30 seconds, after which the
     user is automatically opted-out if he doesn’t provide any answer.
  • In CI environments, the `CI` environment variable can be set, which will
     prevent the prompt from showing up.
  • Telemetry collection can also be
     turned off on a single command by using the ` — no-telemetry-flag`.

# Commands to resolve or disable this (Telemetry), using CLI
- cordova telemetry on 
- cordova telemetry off
- cordova build --no-telemetry

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