zombie age 2 gameplay

In Zombie Age 2, the world has been invaded by zombies and there’s no a single left alive except you. All that’s left to do is defend by yourself or die at the hands of zombies. The objective is to stay away from and destroy as a lot of zombies as you can to survive and get as far as achievable.

This game is various from other zombie games simply because you don’t have to basically survive attacks; you also have to adapt to new attacks in each and every level. The adventure gets to be much more entertaining the longer you perform. Travel a specific distance, destroy a distinct quantity of zombies, or find a certain object to full missions and advance to the subsequent degree.

With up to 17 diverse characters, thirty sorts of weapons, and the alternative to get aid from your pals who also play Zombie Age 2, this game gives hrs and hrs of fun. Full missions and improve your score to climb the rankings and show, as soon as and for all, you can survive a zombie attack.