Know why you’re unable to send money to another Paytm customer


First Transaction Detail

Registered Mob No. — — -> 9910387007

Amount — — → 125 Rupees

Wallet Order id — — — -> #5674357486

“Amount of Rupees 125 had deducted from my wallet but did not receive by Shopkeeper and More importantly “”Transaction was Successful “”. So I just want

to know where is my money.I have confirm lot of times to the shopkeeper.He showed me his wallet transaction.there were no sign of my receiving amount history.

After that

Another transaction on the same time same shopkeeper

Wallet Order id — — — — -> #5674808154

Amount — — — — → 30 Rupees

Same “As What happened above”.

Amount Deducted but not receive by shopkeeper.Again More importantly “Transaction Was Successful”.


I have sent you many mails but you don’t have any solution.

In every reply you sent me a link..

i just want to know where is money….

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