It’S Up To YoU X-Generation

Few years back, the first thing came to our mind after waking up from bed will be usually a bed coffee or the newspaper. Now the scene changed. We first go for our Mobile phones to check the notifications and messages from Social media sites with half closed eyes. But still i am not ready to give up my little device because in today’s world every information we wanna know get through these mobile devices. It’s turned out to be shame to a person who doesn’t know how to use a mobile phone or gadgets like that. Our society has evolved into that much. No offence. We all are victims and responsible for this society and we can’t even change that situation any longer. But we can do one thing for sure. We must realize that too much addiction to anything leads to utter destruction of ourselves. Everything is useful and use it wisely. Mobiles handsets and Computers are now an integral part of today’s World. So give it a second thinking. We cant avoid these gadgets but we can strictly regulate a limit for using this and invest your valuable time for some creative ideas and for the good of nation and family.

Have a Good Day buddies