Right decision Vs. Best decision

Whatever situation we face in our life, whatever feelings or emotions we go through is the conclusion of a decision we have taken at some stage in past. We face this situation more often than we realise and hence most of the time we are unaware of the impact of the decision we take. A decision which is right to you is going to be the best decision to you but the same might not seem to be best to someone other than you.

But if we are unaware of its impact on our life, how do we decide? And how can we not aware of the impact while we decide something? How can a well thought decision be not right to us?

The key to take right decision is to be the Listener to our thoughts. But what is listening to thoughts? To explain, remember last time you started day dreaming and your self consciousness interrupted you. That moment when you were awaken by you is the moment when you listened to your thoughts. The moment when we listen to our thoughts is the moment when we realise our true self or true identity. Most of the time what we believe is us is actually a creation of our mind (blog might not be the right place for a detailed explanation, in fact it is not to be explained but to be found).

If we are not listening to our thoughts, we are actually not present there and if we are not present, how can we take the decision right to us?


I recently came across this book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (B’day gift from a friend). This book seems to be solving the puzzle in my mind and hence my thoughts are a derivation from it but still they are mine. As this book says be the Enlighten one instead of quoting one, I started intro inspecting and found a great alignment with it. Recommended if you are seeking answers like me.