My 2016 trail blaze.

I have lived enough years on this planet to realize that resolutions usually don’t do much for the common man — of whom I am one. When the monthly calendar does a reset and rolls over to January, I jot down a checklist that I would like to do a trail of in that year. I try my best to check off as much as I can, but as we all know, life happens. There is no grading as this is just a guide to self discovery — regardless of failure or success in these, I end up finding out a little more about myself in the end. Here goes.

  • Less assets, more memories.
  • Less junk, more food.
  • Less Facebook, more faces and books.
  • Less business, more travel.
  • Less fear of failure, more trying and failing.
  • Less self, more help.
  • Learn a new language — not the touristy stuff, but for real. Then repeat.
  • Create a platform for others to learn Malayalam. (my native language)

As I mentioned before, no grading. But I will check in periodically and at the end of the year to see how I did. If I do end up having to carry over many of these to 2017, I will do so after adding a bullet point for stronger resolve.

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