My New Year’s Resolutions 2016

  • Start blogging.
  • Build an app using Ionic Framework.
  • Build a web application using Python, Angular, Memcache, MySql.
  • Build a web application (open source) using MEAN Stack. (maintain at Github)
  • Learn more about Linux Terminal. (make curated list of resources)
  • Read 10 design patterns and blog about them (at least 5 of them).
  • Read two books about general code principles. (“Code Complete” and <to be decided>)
  • Study first 5 chapters of “Algorithm Design Manual”. — Skiena
  • Start reading “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” and “Refactoring”. (finish at least 20 % of each book)
  • Continue learning Software Architecture. (blog about one architecture)
  • Learn about Scaling. (make curated list of resources for easy learning)

Wish me luck :)