Year-long engagement with Inbox

It’s been more than a year when I downloaded Inbox on my iphone and my wife on Android phone. Initially, when we moved from Gmail app to Inbox it took us some time to understand and get comfortable with their groupings. I absolutely loved the idea of ‘done’ which I used in Mailbox. My wife is not a tech savvy so there was a small learning curve for her to understand Inbox, especially what is done and swiping stuff. Grouping made maintaining emails much easier. More than that we liked quick reply feature.

In a year-long use, we noticed one problem why Inbox is allowing only ‘Mark as done’ or ‘Move to bin’ on right swipe? And on left swipe why we have only ‘Snooze’?

We realised that we use snooze rarely. In past 12 months I used snooze only twice. Most of the time we end up using either done or delete. If you choose done on right swipe then in order to delete an email is a different process which we felt isn’t fast. When I spoke to my couple of friends who are Inbox users they also mentioned the same issue. Outlook allows users to customise swipe options but they don’t have Done :(

This is what the problem is in Inbox (below pic).

It would be interesting if Inbox allows users to do both done and delete on simple swipe instead of forcing users to take some other route.

Just a thought ;)

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