A double master’s graduate Mr. Suninder Sandha is a force to reckon with in the real estate business. Inspired by the systematic professionalism in the real estate industry, Mr. Suninder Sandha started his career at a young age of 19 working in family business and developed unique customer systems for production management, client management, raw material tracking, sales tracking, stock management, forecasting and inventory, sales CRM via direct & indirect channels.

A London School masters graduate with diverse business experience in international and domestic (Indian) markets. Having worked with MNC’s like Atlantic Finance House, AIG, Millennium Spire, Imperia, as Chief Marketing Executive, Suninder has vast knowledge of both international and domestic real estate.

He has been part of a very successful team, who not only developed but also marketed one of the biggest online real estate website based in UK, www.businessesforsale.com. He is a very unique blend of a top result achiever and an excellent marketing strategist.

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