How Common is Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes statistics would tell you that about 20% people infected with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) never experience any symptoms ever. About 80% of adults have cold sores, another condition similar to herpes. The combined percentage of herpes and cold sores incidences makes HSV the most dreaded virus as far as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are concerned.

If you thought that the above mentioned statistics are enough, you have some more coming your way. It is estimated that about 80% people who earlier suffered from an active herpes outbreak will later have at least another outbreak. An active herpes episode means that about 25 out of 100 men will have the herpes virus present on their skin, which makes herpes an extremely risky infection. This is because when you have the virus present on your skin, the risk of transmission increases enormously.

One of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world, genital herpes can be a difficult to avoid if you are not in a monogamous relationship. But the good news is that you can deal with it quickly and effectively with antiviral medicines such as Valtrex and Famvir. Genital herpes treatment has developed in the recent years around these two drugs. They are also used for herpes zoster treatment. Note that neither of these medicines cures herpes simplex completely, but can give you relief from the painful rashes and blisters that usually accompany a herpes infection.

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You can buy Valtrex online from any registered clinic. Containing valacyclovir as the active ingredient, Valtrex is specifically formulated to shorten an active outbreak. By taking Valtrex tablets once daily for a short period of time, you can suppress the virus and get back to a normal life within a month. Famvir famciclovir, on the other hand, can help you more when you experience a recurrent herpes attack. An individual can experience 5–6 full-blown herpes outbreaks in a year and it is advisable that you keep an additional pack of Famvir ready to hand for emergency. Like Valtrex, you can also buy Famvir online.

The more you take a look at the statistics of genital herpes, the more convinced you will be that this viral infection is truly one of its kind and it is better to read about it than getting infected with it. The major challenge with herpes is that you may or may not experience any symptoms for an indefinite period of time. People who suffer from an active outbreak usually develop signs and symptoms within 4–7 days after getting exposed to the herpes simplex virus.

Safe sex is strongly recommended to minimise the risk genital herpes transmission. Always use condom or other similar barrier methods while having sex, even when you do not experience any symptoms. This is because you can never tell whether or not the herpes simplex virus is latent inside your body. The once-daily Valtrex is specifically made to work with safe sex practices, so is the single day treatment of Famvir. But it is advisable that you do not have sex when you or your partner is suffering from an active outbreak. Wait until the sores get dry and scars disappear.