How You Can Steer Clear of Pregnancy Without Using Condom

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Posted on December 13, 2016 In Health And Wellness Information

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Pregnant state is all the more shocking when couples are not ready to grow to be parents. They face this concern when they don’t take suitable precautions while making love. Nevertheless is condom the only way to stop unwanted pregnancy?

The Answer is ZERO!

Check out the real ways you can avoid pregnancy without using a condom.
This Is How You Can Steer clear of Pregnancy Without Using Condom:-

Make love between 8th for you to 20th day of your ex menstrual cycle. It means it can be had by you 1st day of her period

Try pray and pull! It means that before they ejaculates, remove his manhood

This is a bit weird!

Birth control pills regulate period and prevent pregnancy. It is the most trusted option for the couples which are not ready to be mother and father

The effective Water piping T is a device that could be removed when the couple is able to become parents

It can be incorporated by a trained doctor in order to avoid pregnancy.

Sterilization could be the permanent procedure to prevent pregnant state. If you are sure that you do not need any biological children at a later date, you can opt for this

Try these real ways and save money on condoms.

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