Dear Women Entrepreneurs, Let’s Retire #girlboss, Please.
Anna Sabino

I was surprised to see that pretty much all the responses agree with this article.

Is #girlboss really such a big problem? To me, the reason the hashtag took off is because it sounds way more catchy than #womanboss (much less #womanentrepreneur ). But look, Beyoncé confidently sings “Who run the world?” “GIRLS” in her feminist anthem with no fear of it sounding like she’s belittling women. On the other hand, she sounds rather empowered to own the term “girls”.

Also, this whole talk reminded me of this short scene from Supergirl where Kara and Cat debate the name “Supergirl” instead of “Superwoman” (0:00 to 1:32). Feel free to watch it and see if your opinion changes.