This short film is a negative example of a reflection and imitation of POV Film into the void, it well emphasized and explored how do you not want to make a first person film.

Plot- For an attractive film, a good story telling is absolutely necessary. In the movie, the director used first person perceptive to express the inner activities within the protagonist while the story is keep going. It subconsciously transforms the audiences into the protagonist and experience through the whole story. The plot is one of the most things that my movie lack of.

Time- As the film is using the first person perspective, which means you do not want any cut between different periods for the most of the time, so that the it will becomes a coherent and veritable first person experience.

Acting- In order to demonstrate a first person perceptive. You must have some interaction between protagonist and other characters or objects. It could be one of he protagonist’s friend or a cell phone. This is the identifier of either your film is a first person movie or not.

Reference list

Noe, Gaspar — Enter the Void (2010) POV

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