ALC — Now I can see a BETTER FUTURE!!

Please pardon my typos, since It’s necessary for me to share my Android Learning Community (ALC) story here.

I work with an International logistics company in Lagos. Fortunately for me, we offer services to Google Nigeria and that is how I came in contact with one of the ALC Project Managers at Google (Awosupin Olalere Solomon) who introduced my colleagues and I to the ALC program. At that moment I felt like I just got a VISA to a place I’ve been longing for.

Why? This is why, let’s talk about my educational background.

The only qualification I had after my O Level certificate is a 3-month certificate program in Desktop Publishing at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta (now Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta — FUNAAB) in year 2000. My parent could not afford to sponsor my higher education due to their financial status and I tried all my possible best to sponsor myself; but failed. I had to disturb my Mom to support me through the computer training in that year because my Dad was involved in ghastly motor accident which led to his compulsory retirement at the company where he worked.

At this point, I took up a job at an Hospital in Ijeshatedo Surulere as a Marketer — promoting their diagnostic service to Hospitals around Surulere. My salary was 2000 Naira barely enough to feed in that year 2000 — this was because I only had a O’Level certificate. I did a very wonderful job under the Medical Director within one month period that the Director didn’t want me to leave when I had to. I lacked passion for the job, so I travelled back to Abeokuta to secure my mom’s support for my computer training program. Since that time, my passion for technology grew stronger!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a science background, talk less of programming nor computer science knowledge

because I was in the commercial department while in secondary school but I loved mathematics. As the days rolled by, I made efforts to get into University with no luck and my chances got slimmer every year due to changing curriculum.

At this point, I started own family, had to hustle to cater for them especially my daughter’s education and my parent since I was first child. My interest for technology never soared but grew stronger by the day. Fortunately my job brought me close to Google and introduced to the ALC. It was a very challenging journey combining the course and my job (which was very demanding at the time).

Every day at work started as early as 5am with no defined have a closing time — If I’m lucky I close at 8pm but most times it’s later. On Saturday I have to travel down to Abeokuta to be with my family especially my young daughter, knowing fully that I had to return to work the next day.

Due to my strong passion for technology, I had to create time out of no time to run through the course. The course content on Udacity was very straightforward and easy to grab for me as a beginner. My passion grew the more! At times, I wonder the milestones I would have reached if I had financial freedom. Just like I said earlier I didn’t have any computer science or programming knowledge except for a little knowledge of graphics and “Microsoft Office” application.

The Udacity course — “making an App interactive” through Java is still posing a big challenge to me. Thanks to Udacity’s free Java course which has helped to understand the Java concepts. For now, I’m going through this but the nature of my job still offers some constraints and will not STOP ME!

Now, I understand how an application works, how to write code, the mystery behind those beautiful Apps on our smartphones.

I am packed with the knowledge and resources to develop myself for the future and be part of the problems solvers of the future world.

Big thanks to Google, Andela and Udacity for this empowerment! 
Now I see myself relevant for the future!!!

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