So..This is where it all begins?

Effortless beauty, right? Nope. Shot 14 selfies, 6 different faces, 3 different angles. Until I FINALLY got a decent one.

Hi, stranger.

Do you wanna hear about my life problems? Of course you do.

Well, I mean, what else can a teenage girl talk about on the internet?

Let’s find out. But for now, here’s a little introduction where I answer the questions I asked myself.

  1. Where do you live? Manila, Philippines
  2. What grade/level are you in? Currently in 8th grade (Sept. 2014)
  3. What’s your family made of? I have a mom, dad, brother (eldest), sister (middle child), and I am the youngest. Oh, and we can’t forget my pomeranian spitz, Jack ☺
  4. Why do you have so much free time? Home schooled!
  5. What languages do you speak? I would say that English is my first language, since I moved to California when I was 4-5 and moved back here when I was 11 in 2012. So I don’t really speak Tagalog fluently.

That’s all! You can ask me questions via Twitter/Instagram. Or you can keep up with my blog here. ☺ Thank you!

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