Answer for all Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing Services

A normal orthotics and prosthetics billing process is equally time-consuming as well as expensive. A normal workflow of a prosthetics billing includes entering data of Rx order, patient demographics, insurance, and Dx entry. It is flowed by eligibility and authorization verification. Once all the data is entered the collection of complete Rx and documents happens. Then this goes for the submission. Which later wait for rejection and denial management. At last ends follow up of AR takes place.

Why outsource orthotics and prosthetics billing service?

Outsourcing orthotics and prosthetics billing service makes work easy for the administrators. Outsourcing helps the healthcare provider to focus on the areas like marketing, patients care etc. It is also economical for outsourcing orthotics and prosthetics billing service. While it reduces the chances of error and a team is always there for your entire medical billing problem.

Why Sunknowledge as your orthotics and prosthetics billing partner?

• 100% HIPAA compliance with operational transparency

• Turnaround time less than 24- 48 hours after receiving era in receipt

• Low service fees with no hidden cost

• Zero lockups in a standalone/end to end service, contracts that can be canceled anytime

• Real-time audits and custom reporting daily/weekly/monthly

• Decreasing in Account receivable bucket up to 30%

• 99% billing and coding accuracy

• No, write-offs or adjustment on claims without your consent.

• Instant reduction of 80% in your operations cost

Sunknowledge: Make a difference in orthotics and prosthetics billing

Sunknowledge with its decades of experience has already excellent visibility and proven expertise. Beside this, it is also providing with additional sale support and no binding contracts, which is creating a niche for itself. We are also serving a leading client “Medtronic’ along with 100 other satisfied clients.

For more information about orthotics and prosthetics billing services, talk to our expert, over a ‘no commitment call’. We are just a call away.