Sunknowledge: Platform For All Your Orthotics Billing

The process of Orthotics and prosthetics medical billing system. Sunknowledge’s advantage and highlights from other medical billing organization.

Sunknowledge Service Inc. is a complete revenue cycle organization for your Orthotics and prosthetics billing system. With years of experience and skilled team of resource, Sunknowledge provides operational transparency billing process to the providers. For its prolonged process providers prefer outsourced medical billing organizations.

Our workflow:

• Rx Order Entry

• Patient demographics & insurance entry

• Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry

• Eligibility verification/Authorization

• Collection of complete Rx

• Collection of documents for Auth approval

• Submission

• Rejection/denial management

• A/R Follow-up

Sunknowledge : what makes us different?

With a trained executive team of resources, we make sure all client information is correctly documented. For effortless Practice management, eligibility verification/ authorization, claims denial/rejection and Account Receivable Process. Our team makes follow up with the doctors as well as patients during the entry of information both online and offline. Sunknowledge Service Inc is a 100% HIPAA Compliance organization, making us trusted growth partner for the providers. We respond back within 24–48 hrs after receiving era in denial claims. Sunknowledge reduces up to 30% of the AR bucket within the 1st month itself. Our motive is to pay equal attention to the cash amount irrespective of its size and source.

Additional support by Sunknowledge:

Open Feedback sessions — Periodic sharing of observations, trends, best practices, and feedback are given according to the client’s brief.

Dedicated account managers –Dedicated experts for 24 hr are accessible, for your any medical billing problem

Updated software– For effective output, people are trained with software like Brightree, kareo, Prime Rx Team DME etc to provided maximum benefit to the clients

Customized reporting- A report is made according to the demands of the clients for transparency in the Billing process.

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