Side effect of Facebook rainbow shitstorm.

Seeing the shitstorm that is rising after celebrating homosexual marriages, I cannot stop laughing. But I noticed something totally new, I never saw before.

People are asking me very often how is it possible that I am traveling all the time, that I party without limits, and how is it possible that I am 25, have my own company and I’m working for Google. But the answer was always very hard, I thought that I’m lucky or something. But no.

Seeing the profile pictures now, most of the people who have rainbow on them, are the achievers, you see them doing everything, you see them making changes to the country, for everybody. You see them working pro bono and always enjoying life. You see them doing what they love, and they are always successful people.

All of them are open minded. Only 10% of them are homosexual.

And the rest?
I see people that are focused so much on others businesses that they do nothing with their miserable lifes. Most of people who changed their profile pictures to antihomo photos are people who never finished education, and still work for 2eur/h. They are wasting their time, and live sad lives complaining about others.

I’m not ashamed to have homosexual friends.
I’m not ashamed to support people with open minds, these people are bringing us better times.

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