How to work remotely in China

After an 1.5 years full time working, I started another project for offering a new way to work after the Chinese spring festival of 2016. Without much experience in human resources and recruiting, I had to make a survey of a bunch of senior HRs to learn about the SME in the China market, which could be the potential clients. I believe, in China, people are more and more open and comfortable for remote transaction thanks to Taobao and Jacky Ma. But tax, insurance are still be the main blocker for most of the talents to work remotely.


I’m a super fan of remoting, and I worked fully remotely from 2011 to early 2014. Quite an interesting experience with several local and oversea clients. I knew nearly nothing about remote in the very beginning except a boot called “Remote” by the famous geeks Jason Fried and DHH.

Regarding those technics mentioned in “Remote” and other relevant articles, I want to summarize my experience of working remote in China. If it’s useful to someone, that will be great.


  1. Stable network
  2. Comfortable chair and table
  3. Networking often


  1. Time management
  2. Health management
  3. Keep learning

I plan to finish those items listed above in several days. Stay tuned.

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