How to choose a wedding dress for their height

Bride in the selection of wedding dresses, often confused, and he is not sure what kind of wedding dress should be selected, often the results are not always satisfactory selected. In fact, in the selection of the wedding couple, you can choose according to their height and legs.

Knee-length style wedding dress short paragraph also belongs, skirt length around the knee. There are two skirt and personal tutu skirt length is shorter, more portable, suitable for wedding party.

Evening style wedding dress to ankle length skirt touching the ground, these are generally tailoring wedding, materials and more to sagging sense excellent silk, mainly in the bride before the line, hem faint shaking, great flavor. Suitable for semi-formal wedding lawn, beach, etc.

Trailing wedding dress is the most common style, to round girls princess dream, which is this one. Just hit the ground a long skirt for a formal wedding. The dress with the skirt stays propped up like a fairy tale princess, luxurious and elegant. Trailing tail wedding dress can take varying sizes, large tail for church wedding.

Irregular skirt dress, skirt front short long after, both to meet the trailing enjoyment, you can also expose the bride’s legs, do both. Wedding section for open semi-formal wedding

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