Changing digital landscape — SEO trends to enhance your rankings in 2018!

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We are currently standing in the middle of a digital marketing revolution!

Don’t believe us?

This article will change your perception! Read further to have an insight on facts that you probably might want to look forward to in the better half of 2018!

The moment you thought you had it all figured out, it changes again! Google algorithm is a deceptive friend indeed. It not only controls the SEO rules, but it also indirectly controls your revenues and rankings. SEO is an ever-changing realm. Probably like a bacteria, evolving every single moment, only to turn into humans in the end!

What started off as a simple play of keywords has turned into a heavy duty marketing field today! 2018 has so far seen a plethora of changes as far as SEO Marketing Trends are concerned. Voice search, mobile search, AI only SEO, what not?

The game is now purely based on who can tackle every single challenge that Google algorithms throw our way! Old habits are not going to come handy anymore. With us being in the middle of 2018, it is high time we come across the latest Search Engine Optimization trends that have been ruling and would continue to rule our digital lives for quite some time!

  • AI based SEO

Tech gurus have spoken about the rise of AI technology in our millenial society. AI technology is said to be worth $60 billion, approximately. Most brands are going to be funding and investing in Artificial Intelligence by 2025. 2025 might not be so far away, but AI technology has started to show its impact on SEO and digital marketing for quite some time now. Google is already making use of artificial intelligence and impacting advertisements, performance and marketing of major brands today.

Artificial Intelligence today is not a textbook term or only significant for Science fiction fanatics. It is growing huge, every single day!

How exactly is it impacting SEO?

Well, for starters, let’s take Hummingbird for example. Hummingbird is actually the overall search algorithm by Google. It literally has the most significant function in the entire digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization spectrum.

Now, hummingbird is actually governed by Rank Brain, which is nothing but AI that runs the Hummingbird algorithm. Rank Brain helps hummingbird process all the search results, across the globe, across trillions of websites on the Internet only to pull out the information which a person is looking for.

This is why, in order to ensure, AI based SEO does not pull your rankings or your revenues down, you would want to focus your attention on keyword optimization and link building strategies. You should also focus on enhancing the number of reviews feedbacks and testimonials on your site.

  • Voice Search

Voice Search is by far the biggest marketing trend to have hit the SEO markets this year. Of all the searches made on the Google app, approximately 25% are done through voice search methods. The rise of digital home assistants, like Google Home devices has been acting like fuel to this widespread fire.

Today, most voice search queries might be related to household chores, getting the latest buzz from around the globe, or even as simple as playing a song or setting the alarm, however, majority search queries are related to knowing about latest goods and services. Approximately 20% searches made through one of the Assistant devices has been related to seeking services or shopping items. This is bound to grow as time passes by.

Now, the problem with voice searches is that they tend to be longer as compared to traditional search queries. They are voiced out and tend to be in the form of phrases and sentences. They are purely conversational in tone. For example, “When is the sale for iPhone XS Max beginning in Australia?” is a form of voice search query, as compared to a traditional Google search, like “iPhone XS Max Sale Australia”.

A typical voice search is going to land you to near-by and on-going services and businesses. So if you consider looking for the latest iPhone sale, it is going to not only give you the details regarding its release date, but would also provide you with a list of sellers near by you who are selling the product.

How can Voice search be your second best SEO trend this year?

Well, if you do start adopting voice search in order to really optimize your SEO practices, you can easily start beating your competitors in the race of rising revenues and site traffic. More and more people are using voice search everyday. The number of people are only going to rise in this ever expanding list. It is predicted that half the Google searches made by the end of 2020 would be voice searches. This is why using conversational tones in your content is likely to help better when it comes to getting ranked higher in the voice search results.

  • Optimising your mobile site

No matter how cool and amazing the desktop version of your website is, if it is not responsive to a mobile device, it is certainly not going to help you in the long run. This year, it is all about mobile page ranking!

2018 has witnesses a variety of changes in SEO trends, however, this is the biggest one. If the mobile version of your site is not responsive or takes too long to load, consider yourself out of this mad race! With Google launching its first ever Mobile-First Index, the value of the mobile version of your site is literally at stake.

What you need here is a responsive and faster loading mobile site. Not ony that, it should actually be impressive, in terms of its appearances.

What should you focus on for the same?

Well, you should opt for spending your time and energy on making your mobile site load faster, along with making its design and appearance trendy and clean. Moreover, considering an average mobile screen, your site should fit in all the information that a person is likely to go through in one screen, ensuring that it still looks tidy. This is not only going to help you get better site traffic and better revenues, but is also likely to get you the page rankings you have been dreaming of!

  • Video Search

When people go around searching for a query or a product on the Google search engine, they are not just met with different articles and websites regarding their query, but they are also met with video results.

Most of those video results are from YouTube. According to digital marketeers and SEO Service providers, YouTube has in itself become a form of a search engine, over some time. More and more people are actually looking out for video results as they come up. People are also directly opting to choose YouTube instead of other search methods to get their answers. So much so, it has led to YouTube becoming the second best choice in terms of search engines.

This is why, if you still haven’t, it is important to look out for investing your time and energy in producing quality video content for promoting your business. This way, you can surely boost your SEO and gain success.

By the end of year 2021, Cisco has predicted that about 70–80 percent of the online traffic is going to be dominated by video content. This is exactly the right time for Organic SEO Services to implement video production strategies to boost their client’s SEO.

  • Snippets

Good modern-day SEO practices always involve Snippets.

Though an unlikely trend, snippets are actually turning out to be a favorite among Search Engine Optimization Companies in India. What exactly are snippets though?

The answer blocks your see around your search result pages, which has direct, easy and quick answers to all your queries are snippets. Snippets have gained their share of popularity in 2018, and are here to grow.

As per the best SEO practices, applying the practice of snippets to help your business is going to help you enhance your conversion rates quickly.

Snippets do appear in almost half the results on the Google search engine. As the years progress, their share of visibility is only going to increase. This is why it is essential to invest your efforts into getting a grip on snippets, if you still have not done so this year.

What can you do?

Start by using concise and direct content for your website. You could also use tabular, listicles and graphical forms for the deed. Moreover, you could always count on FAQs. FAQs are the ultimate solution to the problem of not being shown as a result in one of the snippets. FAQs are convenient when it comes to extracting material required by the spider bots by Google.

Snippets should have all the necessary information that an average person is looking for in this wide world of internet. It should have appropriate images, ratings (if applicable to your business), directions and time taken, and other necessary details. All of this should be present in a snippet in an brief, yet information ally attractive manner.

Even though snippets do not actually affect your site rankings directly, but they will increase the click rates for your site. An increased number of click through rates will directly lead to an increased amount of website traffic, which will ultimately lead to enhanced website rankings.

Spending time on developing an attractive snippet for your site is definitely going to benefit you in the coming five years.

  • User Experience (UX)

Of all the Search Engine Optimization Services, User Experience has turned out to be the most significant this year. No matter what SEO Company you try to contact, UX is the latest trend everyone will vouch for!

Though not the latest trends to hit the Search Engine Optimization markets, Google has continued to shed its light on UX to determine what site is ranked at a particular level on the result pages of their search engine.

Any SEO Service Provider will tell you the importance of getting the top spots of the Google Search Engine. For the same to be possible, it is important that the speed of your site, the content along with its relevancy, and of course the quality — everything should be top notch! If something is not really working out for your website, your visitors would not be likely to be wooed by your site and this is going to affect your site rankings. This is why you need to make the necessary changes in order to give your website users the experience they expect out of your brand.

Though SEO is an ever-changing realm, UX has never been more significant to the same. Why? All thanks to Google’s RankBrain. RankBrain ensures, any site that takes too long to load or is not user friendly and is substantiated by an outdated, obsolete site theme is not ranked highly! This is going to lead your rankings to crash down.

What should you really do to make sure your site rankings are not affected?

Well, simply work on your site to make it better, every single day! You should be good to go.


Just like human evolution, Search Engine Optimization trends are always evolving! 2018 has witnessed a series of transitions that many SEO Service Providers are still trying to dodge through.

You not only have to manage your work schedules, your clients, and your organizational goals, but also have to struggle to keep up with the ever-changing Google Algorithms to make sure your business survives through it all! Yes, it is complicated!

This is why you probably need Affordable SEO Services to help you out.

Spend time with us, get to know one of the best Search Engine Optimization Companies in India. We are the Organic SEO Services you need to get those higher rankings on Google. Our team at Sun Media Marketing — professional SEO Service Providers await you!