Dancing in the Sunlight

My girls

The hubs went to a show with last night with a friend, a band I’ve been wanting to see. I knew the guys were going to be home extra-late (or, more accurately, early this morning) so I begged off.

Not that I ever run out of excuses to avoid a social situation, but today I’ve got big plans, and I needed some sleep if I’m going to be on top of my socializing game.

I’m going to see my girls this morning! Yay! We’re meeting at my niece’s house, not too far away…a trip that was supposed to take place at Christmas- time, but everybody got sick.

I’ve been trying not to get too excited. There’s this nasty (oops, I said it again) bug going around school, and the kids are dropping like flies. Lysol has been my closest friend. With all my peculiarities, germophobe has never been one of them, but you’d never know that this past week. I’m happy to say, all the spraying and hand-washing and refusing to share writing utensils has paid off.

T-minus 90 minutes and I’m northbound!

Which brings me back to last night. It was SO lovely. At an intentionally leisurely pace, I accomplished a few things around the house, then took a long walk under the stars with my favorite pooch. She’s no longer a conehead (or as the hubs called her, funnel-face!), and it was wonderful to just let her roam free. The moon was so bright, the frost on the yard was glittering like billions of diamonds.

It was spectacular.

It was so cool, in fact, I may or may not have danced — which reminds me of a song, of course…

♫♪ Everybody here is out of sight
They don’t bark, and they don’t bite
They keep things loose, they keep ’em tight
Everybody was dancin’ in the moonlight ♪♫

Anyway, I’d better finish getting ready. I’m really, really, REALLY looking forward to this break. To heck with Medium (not YOU, of course!). To heck with politics. But, most especially, to heck with Medium politics.

And now the sun is shining! Perfect!

Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!