Finding My Way

Looking forward to greener grass, but oh, that sky.

It’s been beautiful in my neck of the woods. I’ve been able to do at least a little yard work for the last six days, and it’s doing wonderful things for my head. I feel better.

SO much better.

I’ve managed to find a few more writers to follow here on Medium, too. People who aren’t in panic mode. People who aren’t preparing for World War III.

Rational writers.

And, it’s funny. Some of the people I am following now, I know have been considered trolls by others. I don’t always agree with everything they write, of course, but their honesty and willingness to consider a different perspective sets them apart in my eyes.

Imagine enjoying a holiday, or a book, or even a moment without obsessing over the President’s every move.

Those are the people I can relate to, and those are the ones who keep me here.

The gloom and doom (and bias!) was stifling, but I believe I’m finding my way back.