Well, I found four responses.
H. Nemesis Nyx

First, when I said I couldn’t find it, I didn’t mean I thought it had disappeared. I was simply tired, thought I had the gist, and after a couple tries trying to figure out which of my replies you were replying to at the time, I gave up.

Maybe you don’t understand that I am not a fast writer. It have to work really hard to express myself and find the right words. It’s exhausting and makes my head hurt, and I had been at it all day. Sometimes I make mistakes. Like this one.

As I wrote, my comment wasn’t meant to hurt your feelings, but I can see how it could be hurtful, and for that I do apologize.

Basically, since my feminist piece (I never said, nor meant to imply you didn’t comment on that), because I haven’t seen you on my stuff, you haven’t looked for me, you didn’t reply to my email about the pub, and didn’t reply on my comment on your piece on overwhelm….collectively, I could have easily taken it as you not being as accepting as you claimed to be. But I told myself it wasn’t about me, and meant what I said that I wasn’t upset, and was giving you both the benefit of the doubt.

How does that relate to the issue at hand?

I started two or three of my replies by writing I didn’t want to keep going over it. Yet, because I wanted you to understand, I kept going over it, despite the difficulties I mentioned above. I felt you weren’t going to give up trying to convince me my support of this person was misguided, and I was tired. I kept trying to explain why I was defending her, but never seemed to pick the right words to help you understand a) I have my doubts about the person you are supporting, and b) nothing you were going to say was likely to change my mind about this other person…because of that level of support (reading everything I write) and the kindness she’s shown me and many others.

No, I absolutely shouldn’t have made that comparison, and my comment about you was unnecessary. I was definitely wrong.

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