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I remember, if by last time I tried to slander you, you mean that time almost a year ago, in a single moment of weakness after continuing to see your drama in my feed, I sent you a link containing your own piece, the one in which you tagged someone in big green letters with the lyrics to Smack My Bitch Up.

Yep, Violet, I clearly remember being removed from that publication for, in a moment of stupidity, participating in your junior high nonsense by throwing your own words back at you.

In the piece you copy and pasted then shared last night, with my statements out of context, I admitted my behavior and feelings on the subject were childish (the whole point of the piece), but I notice you didn’t include that part. Nor did you mention it was long after the fact, and that I never mentioned any names.

Did I refer to you as nasty? Absolutely. Should I have made it clear I felt it was your behavior, and not you, that was nasty? Absolutely. Do I still think it was? Absolutely.

Apparently, our definitions of harassment and until the end of time differ. We had exactly two interactions , both ages ago, the first of which was on my own piece in which I expressed my disgust for public floggings (again, no names mentioned). Between the time you jumped me on that piece and you blocking me, I contacted you exactly zero times. I wouldn’t exactly call that harassment.

So, yeah, I recently sympathized with a couple people attempting to reason with you, as I know how futile that can be at times. I may not have been all warm and fuzzy, but I wouldn’t call it slander. I believe for it to be slander, the comments have to be untrue.

Interesting how some people view your tendency to call people out as passionate and/or protective, while others look at your behavior as vindictive. It’s all a matter of perception, I guess.

Thanks for the warning. You did us both a favor by blocking me. Perhaps you should go back to that.

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