I would say this person is just as racist as the white people who claim Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”.
If a Black Person Speaks Objectively about Obama It’s like a Hellish Race Crime

Hi, Tino. Good to see you…haven’t seen you around much. I appreciate your honesty, and am sorry your piece hasn’t gotten more of a response.

First, even I, a person who leans a little farther right, voted for Obama the first time. I was proud of America when he won.

But, I was happier with his presidency in theory than I was in reality, and I didn’t vote for him the second time. I am one of those people who had a problem with Obamacare (my husband lost his perfectly good health insurance when it took effect, and we couldn’t afford any of his options, so now we gamble he doesn’t get sick), and, like you, I didn’t see much progress in other areas either.

I’m sorry you were made to feel like a racist. The comments you received for expressing your dissatisfaction were unacceptable, and were, unfortunately even more hateful to many with white skin…even if their concerns were legitimate. Good people were dismissed, silenced, called names, treated as though anything they said was invalid. And if THAT was mentioned, it was shrugged off as fragile white feelings.

Some people think President Obama did great things for the nation regarding race relations, but I saw them as being even more strained, due, in my opinion, to those unwilling to listen.

Back to my highlight…in the same sentence you acknowledge that voting based on skin color is wrong, you mention it’s racist for whites to vote for Trump. I don’t disagree that a small fraction of them probably are racist, but for the majority, I think the issue was financial distress. A vote for any of the other candidates meant a vote for the status quo, which, as you know, was not all that great to begin with.

I think we all have to stop generalizing and start listening if we’re going to make progress as a country, but time will tell.

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